Thursday, October 22, 2020

Time to Can WordPress?

As you've probably noticed, the internet is being dumbed down more and more each year.  About 90% of websites being sold today are cheap control panel WordPress sites. If you want a cheap fun site that is not for business, that's fine. But if you want first page placement on Google and good traffic conversion for your business, it's not for you.

A lot of this dumbing down is really profit driven. Web designers and digital media companies build preset templates that cost them next to nothing in labor. They overcharge you for the website, lock you into a long term contract, then tell you to log in and do most of the work, like writing content. Website support is often outsourced overseas. It's great for the profit margin of internet marketing companies, but not so great for you.

Let's talk about why you want to avoid WordPress. The number one reason is plugins. Plugins constantly have to be purchased and updated, they often break, and that can mean your site goes down and you have to pay someone to fix it. Secondly, it has way too many moving parts. What you don't see behind that simple website is 100's of folders filled with 100's or thousands of files and code. Unless you're an expert in root directory, it's gonna cost you when you have a problem with one of those files. 

Responsive web design is a hot topic and one main reason people use WordPress.  It simply means your website appears properly on different devices and screen sizes. The problem is that this process has been dumbed down or automated too. Lets say you want to list 4 or 5 of your main services in your website menu. That menu will appear intact on desktop, but appear as a box with 3 lines on mobile. 

Fortunately, there is an affordable, superior alternative now.  Limitless web design uses coding to perform the functions WordPress automates. That gives the web designer the ability to customize the way the website looks on desktop and mobile devices. It also allows for superior optimization of your pages for first page Google placement.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Your Highway - Your Road to Recovery.

Small business has been hit hard by COVID-19. Our web design company in Las Vegas wants to help you recover.
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